Effects Of Coffee Consumption On The Development Of Hd

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a. (Introduce broad topic; get the reader’s attention) i. Coffee is the most widely consumed beverage. ii. The consumption of coffee is increasing worldwide. b. (Why is the topic important?) i. We can assume that coffee consumers consist of a significant number of people who are at a higher risk of developing heart disease (HD). It may be due to various reasons such as genetic predisposition for HD, smoking and sedentary lifestyle. ii. If drinking coffee increases the risk of HD, those people may not be aware that their physical health could be compromised by the habit of drinking coffee. On the contrary, if coffee consumption does not affect health, this study could help them to eliminate concerns about the side effects of coffee…show more content…
Evidence for the “yes” side a. (Outline the evidence for the “yes” side) i. Studies supported the hypothesis that coffee consumption increases the HD risk are conducted to examine the association of the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) among people in a specific region. ii. One study is conducted among Italians. During a mean follow-up of 10.9 years, the sample of 43,249 volunteers showed that the hazard ratios (HRs) increased with the increasing number of cups of coffee intake per day4. The study demonstrates that coffee consumers are more prone to CHD. It found that people who drunk more than two cups of coffee per day had a high HR compared to the reference group who drunk only one cup per day4. b. i. Studies supported the hypothesis are conducted to examine association of the risk of HD on a molecular level. i. One study examines the association of myocardial infarction (MI) risk and coffee consumption at the molecular level5. The odd ratios (ORs) of MI associated with drinking four cups of coffee per day for people with CYP1A2*1F genotype was 1.64. The ORs for people with CYP1A2*1A genotype is 0.995. It shows that the risk of getting MI increases significantly when people with CYP1A2*1F allele drink coffee. ii. One study examines the relation between the serum lipid concentration and the coffee consumption8. The study found that reduced coffee consumption could bring the cholesterol level down in the 10 weeks trail8. As
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