Effects Of Weight Issues On Eating Disorders

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Josephine’s Case Study Josephine is a reoccurring patient who struggles with weight issues and an eating disorder. During each session it is important to record certain information for her legal medical records. This information includes
• The dates of her visit.
• Her diagnoses of an eating disorder and her weight issues.
• The reason she is visiting, which is because she wants to remain fit but she is struggling to find a balance between eating healthy and working out appropriately.
• Evaluation of risk factors. Her risk factors at this point are lack of healthy eating, busy schedule and excessive exercise.
• Assessment and treatment. Her trouble areas have been zeroed out and her treatment requires her to visit a nutritional therapist regularly.
• Goals and progress towards goals. After her first session she has agreed to work towards some goals such as, making better food choices, meal prepping, working out appropriately and eating 3 meals with at least 2 snacks throughout the day.
• Signature with the date.
(King & Klawitter, 2007 pg. 272).
Privacy of the medical records remains between Josephine and her counselor. If additional treatment is needed from another health professional, copies of the records may be sent if authorized by Josephine. Although the medical records may be shared it is an option not a requirement ( When closing a session with any client, discussing payment is a conversation that can get awkward quickly. To avoid an awkward

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