Effects of Toning Shoes on Lower Extremity Gait Biomechanics by Brian Horsak and Arnold Baca

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In the article titled, “Effects of toning shoes on lower extremity gait biomechanics” by Brian Horsak and Arnold Baca, it discusses whether the athlete needs specific tone shoes to promote muscle activity in the lower limbs. Advertisements and new technology constantly push for the best athletic shoe in the market, a shoe that promotes stability, activity, support and reduction of injuries. This article conducts research to test whether athletic shoes help aid the athlete. One of the shoes that is tested is the easy tone shoes by Reebok. The study's primary focus is whether the tone shoe can increase activity in gait patterns. Another shoe that is advertised to tone the muscles and increase activity, posture, stability, and health is the fitflop. The fitflop is dense so the instability and the firmness of the shoe helps to tone the muscles in the leg by increasing activity due to the unstable environment. Furthermore, I hypothesize that due to new technology and research being conducted, the fitflop and the easy tone shoes provide the athlete better physical quality. Therefore, I predict that athletic tone shoes are essential to the performer. In the article by Horsak and Baca the easy tone shoes are tested to see whether muscular activity in the leg and gait patterns increase. The shoes are made with two pods one is located in the front of the shoe and the other pod is in the heel. The pods purpose is to increase instability and to keep the person

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