Electronic Commerce ( Ec )

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2. Introduction:
Electronic commerce (EC) provides a cost effective technique for organizations to marketplace their business, improve communication, identify potential business partners, and launch new way to their customer to purchase products online.
Online buying is the process of selling and buying goods or services by using computer via internet. Since the development of www (World Wide Web), vendors have looked for a way to sell their goods and products to people who like to spend time on the internet. Shoppers can visit web stores from their houses and shop while they are sitting in front of their computer or laptop. Internet and online shopping has the ability to provide a lot of types of businesses with the ability to rise up within and across borders to an apparently incredible extent. Therefore, to come up with an efficient a trustful online shopping, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) should find out how to satisfy their customer. Despite the high potential of e-commerce adoption, the majority of SMEs in poor countries still don’t trust online shopping because of some limitation that electronic commerce / online shopping is facing such as hacker and so on, that’s why the majority of SMEs in poor countries are hesitating.
Therefore, in order to produce a good enough online shopping that would be beneficial for SMEs, Online shopping requires some techniques and skills that would facilitate companies to set up an online shopping for their business and improve their…
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