Electronic Commerce ( Ec )

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2. Introduction:
Electronic commerce (EC) provides a cost effective technique for organizations to marketplace their business, improve communication, identify potential business partners, and launch new way to their customer to purchase products online.
Online buying is the process of selling and buying goods or services by using computer via internet. Since the development of www (World Wide Web), vendors have looked for a way to sell their goods and products to people who like to spend time on the internet. Shoppers can visit web stores from their houses and shop while they are sitting in front of their computer or laptop. Internet and online shopping has the ability to provide a lot of types of businesses with the ability to rise up …show more content…

Once company set up an online shopping, time is to build up a strong customer satisfaction and trust to attract shopper through their website. SMEs’s employers should have the ability on how to communicate with their customer.
Hence, this project will be studying on the Athletic t-shirt via internet that would provide a safe and trustful online shopping, provide a new way for customer to purchase goods or services via internet, and fit along with the business procedures and analytical tools to enhance the businesses which would be trustful and safe.

3. Problem Statement:
The sub problems are:
- The slow art at which countries are adopting e-commerce and e-business
- Difficulties encountered when implementing online business.
- Problems faced by SME’s.
- What are the problem face when Develop and implement an online marketplace by using online shopping.
The main problem is: Low usage of online shopping by SME.
Online shopping is generally presented in very positive terms but along the potential benefit come potential problems for poor and developing countries. Nowadays, many SME are migrating or adapting to online shopping in order to contribute to a safer environment and for saving time. In order to them to adapt to these methods, there are some problems faces by the SMEs especially among poor country. “One of the major issues is that, most of the SMEs may be resistant to embrace online technologies due to perceived risks that include privacy and

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