Emerging Chemical And Industrial Goods Manufactures

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About us Carbon Inc. is emerging chemical and industrial goods manufactures. Our company was founded by 6 talented youngsters Abindas, Ankita, Pratap, Prateek, Sunil and Tejasvi in the year 2010.We are headquartered at Dallas, TX and our units are located in Los Angles, California and Boston, Massachusetts. Our passion drives us to expand and grow rapidly. In the year 2015 we crossed the milestone of 500 employees and we are listed as one of the top 10 startups in Dallas Fort worth area by XYZ News magazine. We started primarily as a carbon based chemical manufacturers later grew the business with innovative array of products and services. What makes us unique and special is: Our cutting edge research, innovative environment and efficient operations. We are always passionate to help our clients by providing high quality products. We love to hire enthusiastic and aspiring individuals who believe our 6-C values and grow along with us. Values The research indicates that “values are relatively stable, evaluative beliefs that guide our preferences for outcomes or courses of action in a variety of situations.” Thereby we decided to build a strong values for our organization and put forth the 6 C-values by which our company is build and bonded like the atom of Carbon - Commitment, Compassion, Collaboration, Confidence, Consistency and Credibility. Commitment: The commitment to excellence is in our blood. We will never settle for second best. Our workers are highly dedicated and
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