Essay about Emory Healthcare's New System to Reduce Errors

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During the 1980’s and 90’s there were many studies done that showed that medical errors were occurring in inpatient and outpatient settings at a very high rate. Computer Provider Order Entry (CPOE) systems were designed to reduce or eliminate mistakes made by using hand written orders. The CPOE system allows users to directly enter their orders into the system on computers which are then sent directly to the healthcare providers that will be implementing the orders. Previously orders were placed by writing on order sheets on patient charts. This was sometimes done by the doctor or by a nurse acting on behalf of the doctor. Order sheets were then signed by the doctor and then the information was input into the patient’s record. This left …show more content…

Some doctors believed that the CPOE system did not improve the quality of care as you needed to be computer literate in order to use it.

The change from the manual system to the CPOE system was met with mixed reactions.
Classes were held to train employees with the system and Emory used Application Content Experts, healthcare workers that had received special training in the CPOE system, as assistants to those needing help, and a special hotline was set up to help with any questions.

In my opinion it was a good decision for Emory to implement the CPOE system as it will limit the number of errors occurring and in the end save costs and lives. It was also a good decision to roll out system out in one of their smaller units as an initial trial run. They were able to work out some of the bugs in the system by doing so. They also did a good job with their training and the ACE assistants and implementing the hot line.

Although all of those steps were positive, they should have offered additional training and they should make extra training available for those that request it. In order for Emory to have a smooth roll out when they introduce the CPOE system at EUHM they will need to more clearly define the roles of the users of the system in order to reduce redundancies in the orders and clarifying the responsibilities of the

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