Emotion and Motivation

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AP Psychology Niland Notes on Motivation and Emotion – Chapter 9 Essential Questions: • In what ways are humans motivated to behave? • What methods of motivation are more effective than others? • How can one increase their motivation to behave in various ways? • What is the role of hunger in motivating behavior? • How do maladaptive eating patterns affect behavior? • What role do emotions play in behavior? • How do cognitions affect emotions? • How does stress influence health and behavior? • How can people reduce stress? • In what ways can stress be beneficial? • How do social factors affect the influence of stress on health and behavior? Unit Objectives Discuss the similarities of instinct and drive theories. Discuss the difference…show more content…
overjustification effect – decrease in the likelihood that an intrinsically motivated task after having been extrinsically rewards, will be preformed when the reward is no longer given 4. cognitive dissonance (Festinger)- a state of mental uneasiness arising from a discrepancy between two or more of a person’s beliefs or between a person’s belief and behavior (exPETA and the leather coat) 6. Humanistic Theory (Maslow) – a. Explanation of behavior that emphasizes the entirety of life rather than individual components of behavior and focuses on human dignity, individual choice, and self-worth. b. Some needs take priority over others and as those basic needs are satisfied, your desire to achieve other needs would energize and direct your behavior c. Maslow – 1. people are born essentially good and can experience the world in healthy ways 2. Hierarchy of Needs: www.projectbarbq.com/ bbq98/bbq98r10.htm www.civil.ist.utl.pt/.../miguel/ cibbeijing/Beijing.html 3. self-actualization – the final level of psychological development, in which one strives to realize one’s uniquely human potential – to achieve everything one is capable of achieving Chapter 9 – Motivation and Emotion Page 3 of 8 AP Psychology Niland Notes on Motivation and Emotion – Chapter 9 7. Psychological Sources of Motivation – a. Incentives 1. the “pull” of incentives can very motivating 2. incentive value – the strength
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