Emotional Intelligence And Effective Leadership

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Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to manage one’s emotions in an intelligent manner such that they do not affect the decision-making process. It is also the ability to understand other people emotions, to know the reason for their behaviors and thus be able to communicate with them (Mayer, 2006). Emotional intelligence involves one’s proficiency in realizing and then being able to behaviors, moods and impulses and thus managing these in the best way possible.
This is an example explaining the concept of emotional intelligence. In an office, there are two people who had a disagreement with their supervisor. One of the employees was emotionally intelligent and the other one was not. On returning to their homes, one of them started shouting at his children. He acted based on his emotions without thinking about it in an emotionally intelligent way. The other person on returning home, he didn’t shout at the kids despite them being noisy while playing. The main reason that he was feeling bad was his boss and not the children. However, this second person realized his emotions; he thought about it and then acted in an emotionally intelligent way.
Emotional Quotient (EQ) is defined as a measure that enables a person to recognize his/her emotions as well as others hence able to manage these emotional states to work better as a team. Intelligence Quotient is defined as the value that shows a person’s ability

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