Employee Compensation And Its Impact On The Organization 's Performance Levels Essay

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Employers are adapting to the expectations of their employees as their performance is more crucial than ever in our competitive business environments around the globe. Research has indicated that motivated employees will have a direct impact on the organization 's performance levels. By assessing Goldman Sachs we will attempt to prove those conclusions. Their performance will be assessed by various components of financial information based on the perspective that a company’s responsible for providing the most amount of money to their shareholders. Then looking into employee compensation, benefits, and programs offered we can understand why the company has been recognized as one of the best places to work. Depending on the results we will be able to argue or support the claims developed by the research we have seen.
Recently employers have been doing their best to empower and satisfy their employees in an effort to increase organizational performance. This appears to be sound logic, but can it be proved. Over the long history of business, this has never been done before and companies have been able to perform well and thrive, so why does this change need to occur? Golden Sachs has been a business for a long time and has begun engaging in this practice. By assessing Goldman Sachs’s performance and their employee’s opinions of the company we can determine if there is a relationship between motivated employees and high organizational performance. “Goldman Sachs is

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