Employee Performance Management System Essay

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According to Hyde (2004), performance management is a group of guidelines utilized in refining productivity, handling workplace behavior, training and development of staff, and providing positive feedback on a regular basis. A good employee performance management system entails components that help employers concurrently accomplish goals and sustain employee satisfaction. Performance management allows a business to identify strategic goals, and measure/manage performance against those goals. It contains a set of incorporated management and systematic methods that deal with financial and operational activities. Researchers have said for years that a strategy of laying-off people in many cases does not work, and may even backfire, in times …show more content…

They hail from big cities and small communities; and from localities around the globe that are as unique as the places they fly. American Airlines are energized by their global and diverse workforce. As a Company, they are committed to ensuring that all levels of the airline; from the ground to the cockpit are representative of the customers who trust them. American Airlines suggest that diversity and inclusion is an ongoing process. It is an essential part of who they are, enabling them to deliver on the brand promise: "We know why you fly." American Airlines (AA) has a diverse team of talented and committed professionals, and who strive to create an environment where each employee's unique experience, perspectives and ideas are encouraged and valued. AA promotes collaborative and inclusive work practices and different points of view. It is the teamwork and involvement that has allowed AA to generate the ideas and energy necessary to succeed in a very competitive industry. American Airlines fosters their environment so that customers and communities will know that the company is a great place to work; a place that fosters a sustained culture of respect; and a place where people can achieve their full potential. AMR's Employee Resource Groups represent the variety of affinities in our employee

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