Employee Play A Company 's Branding

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As mention before, motivated employee play a main role in company’s branding. Firstly, employee could be the brand of company. As what Piercy said (1997), in some firm, a person become the brand. Usually, they are the founder or leader, but employee also could be the brand in some firm. For example, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo as well as David Beckham, they have the right to get a proportion of the income derived by their club from selling goods bearing their name, which as their part of contract rights (). In addition, motivated staffs(stars) are vital to their artists agency company, because the they are the goods sold by the artists agency, the most famous star usually are their brand, such as Big bang of YG Entertainment, which is the most famous and popular group in YG; even they could represent YG in Asia. Thus, they are the brand of their company. In this way, motivated staff who always do well could be utilize as a brand of the merchandise that firm sell, or even represent the whole company. Secondly, motivated employees could help with the employee branding, which extends the concept of the brand value and create a strong brand (). According to Edward’s employee branding theory: “employee branding is the process of ensuring that employees act in accordance with the organization’s brand value (2005, p.226).” Its needs employees throughout the organization understand firm’s brand, have brand identity and translate the abstract ideas of the brand into their
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