Employee Resourcing and Development

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employee resourcing and development [How psychometric testing and assessment centres help to make the selection process more effective in providing evidence of whether an applicant has the necessary skills and competencies needed to perform well] introduction In today’s business environment, human resource is considered to be an organizations greatest resource; technology and capital are also needed but cannot be utilized with some form of human resource (Mathis and Jackson, 2010). All organizations want to have competitive advance and be successful, selecting and retaining the talented staff is the best way to achieve this. Best practices in the recruitment and selection process can to the achievement of organizational goals (Pilbeam…show more content…
‘Introduced in the 1950s by Bray and his associates at AT&T as an alternative to highly structured tests and unstructured interviews, assessment centres (Bray and Grant, 1966) have enjoyed increasing acceptance among over 2,000 public and private sector organizations (Gangler et al., 1987)’. Assessment centres allows for the observation of applicants in work related situations, thereby allowing the employer to ascertain if the applicant has the required knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the job. Psychometric testing is done at assessment centres. Assessment centres use in human resource management extends to recruitment, selection, promotion and training and development. Psychological testing is the process of using different techniques to ascertain an applicant’s knowledge, capabilities, behaviour and personality, these test should never be performed in a vacuum (Armstrong, 2009). Psychometric testing is mainly used by larger organizations with established human resource departments. Psychometric testing involves all forms of psychological assessments, such as – attitude tests, intelligence tests, cognitive ability tests, personality tests. The main outcomes of these tests are to measure personalities and abilities (Martin, Whiting and Jackson, 2010). the effectiveness of assessment centres and psychometric testing: can they add value to hr The assessment centre (AC) can be perceived as the
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