English Architecture: Architecture And Architecture Of Panam City

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Panam Nagar or Panam city was one of the major townships of the historic administrative, commercial and maritime centre in eastern Bengal, Sonargaon, about 2.5 kilometers to the north of Dhaka Chittagong Highway at Mograpara Point.

15th century, Isha Khan established the first capital of Bengal in Sonagaon. During that time, the industry and culture of Bengal flourished in the Sultanate era.
About that time, the city was established in the new colonial architecture of European inspiration due to the commercial activities of the East India Company and the permanent settlement.

In Panam City, the architectural design of the houses indicates that the people of the wealthy merchants lived there. Mughal and Greek architectural style can be viewed in the houses, and the decorations of each room are unique., color use, and construction techniques . Wrought iron made brackets used almost every
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Then there was the famous poet of Persian poet Hafeez. The poet was invited by the Sultan of Bengal Giyasuddin Azam Shah. Poet Hafeez could not come here, but he sent a ghazal written in the form of gifts. Later a Frenchman came to Sonargaon. He was fascinated by the city of Panam.

Since 1971, after the independence of Bangladesh, Panam city houses were leased. But houses of neglect and negligence continue to be wasted. So leasing has been stopped since 2004. Due to lack of conservation, two houses collapsed in 2005. Later, the government of Bangladesh took various steps to protect the City.

Here many amateur photographers came for the content of their photos. Apart from this, some parts of the film 'Guerrilla' directed by Nasir Uddin Yusuf have been shot. Panam Nagar has been chosen to capture some scenes before the War of Liberation. The film was released in 2011 and gets a lot of popularity. In 2010, a Doku-drama called 'Subarnagram' was created in the history and tradition of the
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