English Should Be Ficial Language Of The United States

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English Should be the Official Language of the U.S. Across the United States the amount of people who speak english as a second language or do not speak it at all keeps growing. This means some people could have neighbors that they cannot even ask for a cup or sugar from. There are even sections of the U.S. where immigrants have their own communities and they mostly do not speak english with each other. It is crazy how in a country whose foundation is english has portions of the population where it’s not spoken at all. A foreigner goes to a foreign country and expects to meet people that know the native language. It should be the same for the United States. Although not having english as the official language make coming into the U.S. easier for immigrants, english should be the official language of the United States. English has never been the official language of the U.S. and as a result the U.S. becomes divided by those who speak english and those who don’t. 31 states have already adopted the law of english as the official language and more states are also trying to do the same (Grovum). The majority of the states have agreed to this law meaning most people in the states know english or are learning it immediately if they are immigrants coming in. Immigrants in other states don’t necessarily have to learn the language so many end up not learning it keeping the nation divided. Although these states have made the law official some states just see it as symbolic and do not

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