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RATIONALE: An individual’s identity is constructed through their language. It is very easy to decipher somebody’s identity by deciphering their use of language. Every person is unique in the way they speak, their use of diction, their perception etc. and this helps us to know basic facts about them. What I am trying to do here is to prove the above point I made by showing different styles of speaking amongst certain people. I chose to write a conversation between two or three people. There are two scenes in my task. The source for the first text was a tiny article which featured in the magazine “Brunch” which showed the use of Hindi and English together, known as hinglish. The source for my second scene was the movie, “The bodyguard” …show more content…

Pragya: He obviously means it in a bad sense. Rohan: And ab we start again. Pragya: Why are you looking away? If you have the guts, toh aankhon mein aankhe dalke bolo. Rohan: So you have started again! Pragya: How dare you mock me in front of someone else! Rohan: Kisne start kiya! Pragya: You did! Rohan: Toh ab , it’s all my fault? Pragya: Glad you have realised that! Khushi hui! Lawyer: Guys, are you done now? Rohan: Sorry Sir. Pragya: Sorry but I guess you are convinced that we cannot stay together any longer. Lawyer: Well, nahi , I am not convinced. Can I talk to you guys separately? Pragya: Ofcourse! That’s much better! *The room now only consists of Pragya and the lawyer and they are seen engaging in a questioning session* Lawyer: Well Pragya, I don’t know if I could give you a divorce but I could certainly recommend it to the court but you see, mujhe kuch certain convincing reasons chahiye. Solid reasons. Lawyer: Why are you taking such a big step? Is there a reason? Something’s you hate about Rohan? Pragya: Reasons to hate? Oh! I’ll give you plenty! First, he snores like a mountain lion. And every morning he leaves his geela towel on the bed and every single day I point it out to him. He’s just like those men shown in television serials. *A shift of seen towards the room just containing Rohan and the lawyer is seen where they both have a conversation regarding the divorce* Lawyer: Hi Rohan! Have a seat.

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