Enhance Ireland's Labor Market with Competitiveness and Skills

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Enhance labour market competitiveness and skills Labour market and Skills If Ireland is to regain its competitiveness in the future, the Government needs to concern on up-skilling the current labour force and make sure that the future skills is suitably designed to reach the needs of the economy. To keep the unemployed worker close to the labour market, it required a specific focus on the labour market activation. It is also essential to reduce any disincentive effects which may arise through high replacement rates. Skills development is not only benefiting the enterprise sector, it also will improve the employability of individuals, increase earnings and living standards and enhance the quality of life for everyone. Why is Training and Activation important? The most urgent challenge for the Action Plan is tacking the high levels of unemployment, especially the youth unemployment. OECD have state that the decline in Ireland participation was the largest. To support the growth in employment and the labour cost competitiveness, an ongoing major programme of up-skilling or re-skilling and activation programmes will be the key priorities for the education and training system. The Department of Education and Skills introduced a number of programmes that designed to support unemployed workers to re-skill or up-skill and provide practical work based experience for them. Those programmes including Jobbridge, Skillnets’ Job-seekers Support Programme, Springboard and Momentum have

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