Enhancing the Effectiveness of a Therapeutic Session: A Case Analysis

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Conducting Therapy: Daniel Yardley is a 25 year old African American male living alone off campus but with a presentation style that appears to be incongruent with his responses. The individual has reported feelings of anxiety and depression but in a confident, upbeat, and secure manner. During the counseling session, Daniel appeared reluctant to offer great details to questions and avoided any eye contact. In addition to denying any homicidal and suicidal ideation, he also reported no past counseling experience. However, he is discouraged by feelings of depression and has attempted to break out of his temper as his self-reported social awkwardness continues to frustrate him. Since people think that he becomes too creepy and intense in relationships, Daniel also reports of numerous difficulties in maintaining relationships. Actually, most of his relationships are reported to be remaining at the superficial level despite of whether they are friendship or romantic in nature. Analysis of the Case: As part of enhancing the effectiveness of the therapeutic session, understanding the case through various approaches and theories is critical in examining the development of the individual's problem and how it can be solved. Actually, the ideas underlying the development of problems and how these problems can be solved are usually known as the therapist's theoretical orientation. The theoretical orientation is the fundamental guiding principle in organizing a treatment and will
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