Enterprise Resource Planning And The Integration Approach For A Business

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Introduction Enterprise Resource Planning refers to an integration approach for a business. “Employee Resource Planning (ERP) is an integrated automated application which helps the organization to maintain all the micro, tough, difficult business transaction at one common location” (Wanare & Mudiraj, 2004). It was first defined by the Gartner Group in 1990 and has been widely used as the next generation of Manufacturing Business System and also as a Manufacturing Resource Planning software (Gartner Group). It relates to a system which is integrated, configurable, as well as tailorable for information flow where all plans and business resources are planned and managed (Bakry & Bakry, 2005). Background A Human Recourse Department System for any particular company must be designed in such a way that it enhances the degree of efficiency. This is born out of the fact that most companies experience a lot of request and most times through the use of papers. To address this challenge, a new mechanism needs to be used in which the workload is efficiently handled to reduce the amount of pressure that the company faces in handling the requests (Cascio, 2013). This is while also enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the services afforded to the clients. The mechanism suggested to enhance this process is the digitalization of its services (Berry, 1997). The development of a web site to handle all these activities is suggested. The creation of a web helps all the

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