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Environmental Scan Paper MGT/498 July 22, 2015 Environmental Scan Paper The evaluating, monitoring, and disseminating of information from internal and external environments to key people within the corporation is called environmental scanning. (Wheelen and Hunger. 2010) Environmental scanning helps an organization identify relevant factors and use those factors to obtain a competitive advantage within the environment. The author will discuss how an organization creates value and sustains a competitive advantage through strategies. How an organization measures success to identify the effectiveness of a strategy. The author will identify the strategies of various companies and identify tactics that make the company successful. …show more content…

The main competitive advantage of Amazon is the ability to provide a large variety of product and services at an extremely low price. Environmental Scanning & SWOTT Analysis In the previously stated companies, each one has a distinct competitive advantage and strategies that enable them to be successful within the industry. Environmental scanning helps an organization observe its environment for external and internal issues that can affect the functionality of the company. By observing the environment, an organization can plan for its future needs. Each of the previously stated companies does environmental scanning on a continual basis to stay ahead of the competition. When an organization conducts an environmental scan a team is formed that is composed of various experts within the organization. Usually, the members are the representatives of the key departments within the organization. The expert's positions may include mid-level managers, employees within the company, and front line supervisors. The specific selection of the team members is done to identify problematic issues that may affect the company. Once the team is formed, each member handles one or more internal or external factor. The team members make a list of factors that are relevant and the data that proves why those factors are relevant. The team exchanges information and compiles a complete list of factors. The external sources of data include occupation

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