Environmentalism and Going Green

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The state of our environment and the increasing consumption of its natural resources have become of growing concern to the earth’s population. This issue is attributed to our contribution towards global warming through the emission of greenhouse gases; our pollution of the environment; and our booming population growth complemented by the increase in per capita consumption (Anderton, 2007; Ehrlich & Ehrlich, 2008). All of the above have had environmental impacts which include, amongst others, the degradation and depletion of natural resources; climate change; natural disasters and even detriment to human health (Khan & Ghouri, 2011).
As a result, there has been a global need to avert this situation. Consumers have responded to this by being environmentally conscious in their purchasing decisions and buying environmentally-friendly products (Laroche, Bergeron & Barbaro-Forleo, 2001). They have increased their consumption of green products, which have in turn increased the focus on green marketing. Green marketing is the development of a marketing mix which caters to a specific target market who desire products/services which are environmentally friendly (Priebe, 2010).
The following assignment attempts to shed more light on the trend of environmentalism and the concept of “going green”. The assignment begins with a brief historical overview of the trend of environmentalism; followed by the consumer behaviour of the group and the factors which affect the
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