Enzyme Activity Lab Report

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Chemical Reaction Rate in Relation to Duration of Enzyme Presence

I. Purpose: A solution of hydrogen peroxide will be combined with a solution of enzyme catalase, to be continuously agitated for different stretches of time until enzyme activity is halted by the addition of hydrogen sulfate. The rate of H₂O₂ decomposition of each trial will be measured and compared. II. Problem: How does the amount of time given for an enzyme solution to catalyze affect the reaction rate of a substance? III. Hypothesis: If enzymes are allowed more time to catalyze chemical reactions, they will have a higher the rate of reaction. IV. Materials:
10 mL graduated cylinder
1 mL graduated pipette
Two syringes
Two 50 mL beakers
White sheet of paper

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Pour the contents of the pipette into the beaker and set a timer for 10 seconds. Swirl the solution gently for those 10 seconds, then add 10 mL of 1.0 M H₂SO₄. Mix well.
Using a syringe, remove a 5 mL sample of this solution to add to the second beaker (which should be on the white paper).
Fill the second syringe with KMnO₄ and record the initial volume within.
Using the syringe, at one drop of KMnO₄ at a time to the 5 mL sample while constantly (very gently) agitating the solution.
Once enough drops have been added so that a persistent brown/pink color remains, stop adding KMnO₄ and record the new volume of the syringe. Subtracting the initial volume of the syringe from the final volume will determine the amount of H₂O₂ present. Subtracting the amount of peroxide present from the baseline will determine how much was used during the trial.
Repeat this process with differing times of stirring the enzyme before adding sulfuric acid: 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 120 seconds, and 180 seconds. Record the initial and final volumes of the syringe contents each time in the appropriate table.
If more KMnO₄ is added after already achieving a persistent color, simply remove another 5 mL sample and repeat the titration process.
Put all liquids in designated waste containers. Do not dump anything in the sink and don 't dispose of anything until the entire experiment is completed.
Handle all hazardous materials with care and always

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