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Task A AII * to research employment laws on goggle * to contact a law firm * To visit business link online and to search for employment laws. Aii a) * Time off & holidays * pay * working hours b) * Employment rights * Health & safety * Discrimination & equalities Aiii, employment laws exist to provide protection for the employee and for the employer. Task B Bi, The terms and conditions of my employment are: the date in which I commenced my employment. My job title, this explains what my title is and has a brief description of what my roles will be. My place of work, this explains where my main place of work will be and that I may be needed in other branches. It also explains that I …show more content…

changes to your terms or employment, this explains that the company reserves the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions of employment and that no less that one months notice will be given of any changes. Grievance procedure, this explains that if I have a grievance relating to my employment that I should raise this is writing in accordance to the grievance procedure.disiplinary & dismissal procedures. This explains that any disciplinary action relating to employment or dismissal procedure will be handled in accordance with the correct procedure. Bii, the information which needs to be shown on my pay slip is: * the companies name, * The department or branch that I work in. * the payment method * payment period * the description i.e. basic pay * the amount of hours * the hourly rate * the amount I have been paid * the amount of tax that I have paid for that week/month * the amount of national insurance I have paid for that week/month * the total gross pay TD * gross for tax TD * tax paid TD * Earnings for national insurance to date * national insurance to date * the earnings for that week/month for national insurance * the gross for tax for that week/month * total gross pay for that week/month * National insurance number. * net pay * The week/ month number that it is. * the date * your tax code * your employee number *

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