Escherichia Research Paper

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The orgimsms involved in Escherichia coli 0157 is an anaerobic bacterium which is shaped like a rod and is Gram-negative. Escherichia is a foodborne pathogen which causes a variety of disease in humans worldwide. Cattle are the reservoir to the diseases. Between 1% and 50% of healthy cattle carry or shed E.coli by means of their faeces. The cattle can also contract the infection after slaughter as conmtanation can occur during slaughter or while the beef is being proceed into products suitable for human consumption. In the United states the most common way of transmission of the disease is through consuming contaminated food and water. Although it is also frequently spread from person to person impartial in communities where there is a high concentration of children such as child care services and primary schools. …show more content…

Infections of Eshericha do not require you to have personal contact with the effect cattle. As infections have occurred were a person has visited a site were the animal previously grazed. Other variety of food can also become contaminated an example of this is fresh produced such as lettuce, fresh spinach and radish sprouts. The produce would have become infected by growing in soil which was contaminated with fuces of cattle who were carry the disease. Unpasteurized milk, drinking water beef jerky and salami are also known to be capable of carry E.coli. As a result to have reduction of E.coli it must be controlled in cattle therefor improvement of cattle management practices are required these could include identification of inhibitory feeds, immunization, drenching and better utilization of feeding additives. Resherch shows that introduction of probiotic cultures may also reduce the level of E.coli in cattle therefor in

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