Essay On 9/11

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On September 11, 2001 the United States had an event that unexpectedly impacted them. Nineteen Arab terrorist hijacked aircrafts and struck into the South and North Tower of the World Trade Center, killed more than three thousands American citizens. This has been one of the worst terrorist attack witnessed worldwide and made many people assume muslims or any people from the Middle East is a terrorist. 9/11 has impacted the United States and worldwide to becoming more aware and secure. This horrible attack has created fear and paranoia towards Muslim, the Middle East, countries that contain terrorism, and is a threat to the U.S. The growth of fear toward Muslim and the Middle Easterns has been a major side effect of this horrible event. This…show more content…
People are always making assumptions that this race is dangerous or a threat to the U.S. and all this racism and assumption is controlled by fear, the fear of another terrorist attack from occurring. Haitians coming to the United States are being sent to prison or kept captive (Danticat 572). Assumptions of Haitians creating problems in their own country is what makes them a threat to the U.S. and this assumption oppress innocent people because they just come to the United States to have a better life. Arab American Secret agent was denied passage on American Airlines (Chavez 563). Racism which creates the fear toward Arabics and Middle Easterners and shows that these Airline Officials are poorly trained and use their assumptions to “help” protect the people on the plane. The racism towards this races are unnecessary, this is not helping our country instead it is dividing us and makes us not trust one another. The horrible attacks of 9/11 has drastically impacted the United States, the fear, racism, and assumptions have been growing constantly. The effect of all this negative side effects has divided the U.S. and has changed some policies, immigration policies, This attack has left the United States paranoid but would they ever trust the Middle Easterners or Muslims
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