Essay On Animal Cruelty

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8398751 How cruel can people get? Why is our generation getting crueler each day? Now a days you don’t show respect to everyone or everything. You could hurt or kill someone or something without expressing any emotions. Animals also have feelings. For example, they can feel pain. I know that when we get hurt it’s the worst feeling. Imagine how these poor animals are feeling. Anyone who approves of these cruel actions is sick. Let me tell you of a story of a stone cold hearted monster. There was a man who I guess didn’t like dogs and kicked the small little dog to death. This is the type of action that police should be a little more alert with. Why are we not doing anything about this? Isn’t this a crime? Why is this not taken more …show more content…

The article also states “Animals aren’t actors”(Peta 1). This means that animals aren’t meant to perform. This demonstrates how animals are abused, now we will see how tortures are hidden. The use for animal entertainment is cruel because they’re abused. According to The Last Chance for Animals Organization the weapons used in circus are bats, pitchforks etc. These are the things circus people use to show cruelty towards the animals. The article also states that, “these training practices generally will be hidden from public view”(Peta 1). This is saying what happens off stage are not shown on stage meaning, tortures towards animals. Physical tortures are hidden and now going into animals being sexually abused. The use for animal entertainment is cruel because they’re abused. According to Peta, many people including factory people rape/sexually abuse animal. This is information is clear, it’s saying desperate and disgusting people do their wanted perverted action on animals and not just farm animals. There is a story where this man raped a bird, now thats’s just sick. The article also states that “cruel twisted, perverted and this kind of sexual violence happens everyday on factory farms” (Peta). This is saying that people who must not be right in the head, get on these animals and rape them. People think sexually abusing animals is alright, but it’s not. We will see how animals are isolated from the world. The use for animal entertainment is cruel because

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