Essay On Diabetic Titration

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While the UK's NHS and private insurers currently reimburse continuous glucose monitoring devices, connected insulin pen manufacturers are still attempting to obtain reimbursement rights. Diabetic titration and other similar apps are available for £5 or less in the UK; we were unable to discover any evidence that any app is currently reimbursed by the NHS or other insurers. Connected insulin dose caps are not yet in wide use in the UK, and are not yet subject to reimbursement by the NHS or other insurers. Overview The UK's National Health Service (NHS) and private insurers currently reimburse continuous glucose monitoring devices. Manufacturers are currently in the process of obtaining reimbursement for connected insulin pens. We could …show more content…

[2] Children qualify for a continuous glucose monitoring device if they experience frequent episodes of hypoglycemia, and if it leads to anxiety or seizures, if the child cannot recognize the symptoms of hypoglycemia or cannot communicate properly to receive treatment. Pregnant Women may qualify if severe hypoglycemic episodes are happening, if the CGMD will improve poor blood glucose levels, and if the device can provide help on managing blood glucose levels. CONNECTED INSULIN PEN (PUBLIC PAYOR) Connected insulin pen manufacturers are currently attempting to win reimbursement from the UK NHS as well as private insurers, which indicates that they are not yet covered. CONNECTED INSULIN DOSE CAP (PUBLIC PAYOR) After an extensive search of UK healthcare and public policy sites, we were unable to find any evidence that connected insulin dose caps are in wide use in the UK, let alone that they are currently reimbursed by either the NHS or private insurers. DIABETES TITRATION APP (PUBLIC PAYOR) The majority of diabetes titration applications are free for iPhones or Android or cost around £5. We could find no evidence that this type of app is reimbursed by the NHS or private insurers, possibly due to their extremely low cost to the consumer. OTHER MOBILE MEDICAL APPS/SOFTWARE (PUBLIC PAYOR) The top diabetes applications for iPhone and

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