Essay On Dominos Supply Chain

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Product & Service Design Introduction Dominos has situated and set up itself as the pioneer in the pizza conveyance benefit. Pizza contains the organization's center item with extra things, for example, subs, chicken fingers/chomps, wings, garlic bread and potatoes wedges. A reasonable level of adaptability is accessible where clients can alter their pizza and can buy "combos" in this manner giving better an incentive to cash. Extra things, for example, sodas go with these decisions. Dominos has effectively actualized this idea of mass customization by taking into account client's individual needs through one of a kind blends of secluded parts. Dominos standard item and administrations offering is all inclusive over the world – quality pizza …show more content…

The company supply chain is supports lean production and is based on just in time stock management and stock control. Dominos Supply Chain Dominos has an innovative supply chain model that ensures all purchases are managed centrally across all franchises around the world. The core entity, which runs the supply chain network is called Dominos supply chain services – a fully owned subsidiary which supplies the dough, raw materials (the condiments, and ingredients that go into the food products), the kitchen equipment / machinery. This entity supplies to all the master franchises – effectively giving the company a few key advantages: 1. With a centralized buying department, the company is able to leverage its buying power, and is able to negotiate the best costs for its purchases. This also ensures purchases on a scale which makes suppliers want to tie into the Dominos supply chain services. For instance, Coca-Cola is integrated into Dominos‟ supply chain network, and is seen more as a partner rather than a supplier; this was made possible because centrally Dominos has agreed to only sell Coca-Cola products at all its outlets around the

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