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The first step when discussing a downsize is to avoid layoffs if at all possible. With that being said, the first step I would take would be to get rid of all of my temporary employees. While in most cases, this will not make up the fifteen percent that we need, it will be a decent start. The next step I would take is to look across the board and ensure we do not hire any new employees (Fallon & McConnell, n.d.). Hiring new people during a downsize is not only counter productive, but also stressful. The next step I would take is to offer some termination incentives such as early retirement (Fallon & McConnell, n.d.). This could also get a couple of people to volunteer and move us a little closer to the fifteen percent we are …show more content…

It is important to make sure it goes as smooth as it possibly can given the circumstances. Another guideline to think about is discrimination laws. This can come when offering early retirement packages because the obvious thing to do is target the older employees when offering this, which can fall in the discrimination category. It is also important for a business to understand that they can not specifically target employees based on age during layoffs (Layoffs, Downsizing, Reductions in Force (RIF), 2017). Another federal and sometimes state guideline is the Worker Adjustment and Training Notification Act or WARN Act. The federal law states that employers with more than 100 employees must give written layoff notice before a closing or mass layoff (Layoffs, Downsizing, Reductions in Force (RIF), 2017). While this is federal law, some states also have laws that are similar and in some cases, stricter. Employees who are on FMLA leave are also protected against layoffs unless the company can prove without a doubt that this person would have lost their job in the layoff regardless (Layoffs, Downsizing, Reductions in Force (RIF), 2017). So if they layoff 20 people from manufacturing and one person from maintenance and the one maintenance person is on FMLA leave, they may run into some legal issues. Along some of the same lines, employees who are in the military and are on military duties are usually exempt from layoffs unless the company

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