Essay On Global Care Service

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Domestic and caregiving work dates back 150 years and was/still performed by racialized women migrants in Canada. Care-giving is often viewed as ‘low-skilled’ work thus women especially from South-East Asia are exploited financially, psychologically as well as physically. One of the ways that many of these women have the opportunity to gain Canadian Permanent Residence/Citizenship status is through the Live-in Caregiver Program thus leaving their own families behind. The global care chain looks at the exchange of care labour and resources from underdeveloped to developed countries through the employment of women from poor backgrounds into middle-class homes as caregivers (Parrenas). This paper will focus on how global care chains (the …show more content…

growing inequalities between high- and low-income countries, and insecurity, vulnerability, and instability due to economic crises combine with gender-related factors such as abuse, family conflict, and discrimination to increase the numbers of women who migrate in order to obtain paid work.” Female workers from developing countries such as the Philippines are at high demand to take on ‘low-wage service labour’ in the global North. According to Ann Stewart’s work, Filipina workers characterized their work experiences as “the way in which state seemed to treat them as economic commodities rather than citizens and led to the immediate passage of the ‘magna carta’ of migrant worker rights” (Stewart,2011). She also references that there’s a high significant number of Filipinas working abroad depicting the Philippines as a “major exporter of its labour” (Stewart, 2011), this is because of the “low rates of foreign investment, instability, high unemployment, low wages and poverty” (Stewart, 2011) thus there’s no high paying jobs. The Live- in care giver program can be viewed as a liability determinant that has diminished the importance of migrant caregivers as active participant in the global market,

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