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The proposed research will focus on two primary aims. The first is to study the effect of a specially designed course has on individuals in terms of their attitudes towards females and eventually their partners. The second aim will be to ascertain the possible markers for IPV among the individuals taking part in the study who do engage in it. The study will be a longitudinal study. 4 districts of rural Uttar Pradesh which are the worst affected areas by IPV, will be selected for this study. A school from each district will be chosen and a course structure will be provided to the schools. Half of the male students currently studying in the 10th grade will be taught this course, which will eventually go on till the 12th grade. The other half …show more content…

Specific Aim 2: To identify the possible markers that make a male more prone to IPV. After the longitudinal study is conducted, it will provide us with data about those who engage and those who do not engage in IPV. This will help in identifying risk-markers in individuals. Hypothesis 2: Those who engage in IPV have overpowering social and/or economic level influences.

India has been grappling with the issue of Intimate Partner Violence for quite a while now. There are 2.24 million cases of crimes against women in the past decade alone (Indu, Remadevi, Vidhukumar, Subha & Anikumar, 2011). 66% of women have reported to experience some form of sexual harassment at some point in their lives. These statistics are reflection of the general mentality that pervades numerous sections of the society. Domestic households too are affected by these instances. Extensive research has highlighted the various risk-markers that make a woman vulnerable to intimate partner violence. There are numerous factors at play which operate at different levels- individual, community and contextual. Generally, intimate partner violence is most prominent in poor households and families that belong to lower socioeconomic strata (Kham, 2015; Bassuk, 2006; Sharma, 2011; George, 2016). A woman’s education becomes an important tool to protect her from abuse. It has been observed that as the number of women getting

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