Women Of Asian Indian Women Essay

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Introduction Asian Indian women are subject to social limitations in there culture and are looked at has objects rather than people who can also contribute to society. There are some women in that society that are making great advances for women in that country socially. However, as much advance as they are getting men and mostly spouses are still objectifying them. Women in this culture often experience intimate partner violence. There are about 59% of women who have reported IPV in their relationships. A range of 14% to 20% of these women experience mental trauma and can develop PTSD, which is posttraumatic stress disorder, as well as, depression. Very few women who are abused seek professional help to cope with the depression, PTSD, and abuse. The abuse is likely from a cycle of abuse that has occurred in family relations, so boys seeing fathers treat mothers poorly and then the sons grow up seeing this they apply this to their relationships. Women who have experienced IPV have shown to have lower health qualities. In the United States, enculturation happens to many cultures from other countries. This process can cause there to be more experienced abuse and violence in this culture type. Actually, enculturation is one of the strongest factors of intimate partner violence among Asian Indian couples. Enculturation “values” had a specific and indirect relation with IPV attitudes. Another strong factor is patriarchal gender role attitude also had a positive association with

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