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McDonalds and Kentucky Fried chicken are two of the world’s largest food chains and originated in the United States. In 1987 and 1990, both food chains made the decision to enter an emerging market in China. The move for both food chain restaurants had huge growth potential but also came with high risk. The most important questions these two companies faced was when and where to enter into an international market. Although both McDonalds and KFC would enter into the same international market, each would adopt a different strategic approach to reach consumers. Over the past 20 years, these two food chain giants have flourished in the world’s largest emerging market. In this research study we will examine the strategies of both KFC and McDonalds…show more content…
In November 1987 KFC opened its first store in Beijing in the Tiananmen Square. At this time American style food was unknown in China. This location was a great spot for the KFC location because Tiananmen Square was a Beijing resident would go on special occasions to spend money. One of KFC strategy was to aggressively expand into the China market was breaking the whole market into several parts. Each section of the market was registered under the local government and assigned a general manager to store operations. KFC choose to expand in areas of China that were more economically developed than. In the first 5 years KFC had added 10 additional restaurants and by 1996 KFC had 100 fully operating restaurants throughout China. One of the marketing strategies used at all KFC locations was developing a menu that related to the Chinese consumers. KFC not only used their original recipes but added localized items to the menu. By adding these localized food items to the menu it made Chinese people feel as if KFC was a China-made restaurant. As of today KFC is one of the most popular and biggest fast food chains in China, with over 4,500 locations in nearly 1,000

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