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4. LOCATIONAL DATA: a. KABC is located at 2602 South Kings Ave, Brandon, FL 33511 (See Figure A in Appendix) b. Emergency Services: Activated upon triggering fire alarm or calling 911. i. The nearest medical facility is Brandon Regional Hospital located approximately: 5-10 Minutes away, available 24 hours – 7 days (See Figure B in Appendix) ii. The nearest emergency responder is Hillsborough County Fire Station #7 located approximately: 7-10 Minutes away available, 24 hours – 7 days (See Figure B in Appendix) iii. Hillsborough County Sheriff is on patrol 24 hours – 7 days and response time estimated at between 5 to 15 minutes iv. One-Mile Radius Crime Map (See Figure C in Appendix) v. Note: KABC has approximately 8,480 square yards …show more content…

BUILDING WALKTHROUGH HIGHLIGHTS: Performed 26 November 2017 a. The main entrance of the Cheever and the Chapel have fire alarms that can double as emergency signal devices should a greeter detect a threat at the door. Note that only the Chaple, Annex and Fellowship hall buildings are connected to a remotely monitored system. The Cheever is a local alarm only so someone must call for emergency services. (Figure D) b. Doorbell cameras on both the Cheever entrances are installed in such a way that they cannot observe a person standing in front of the door after pushing the call button. Recommend turning camera inward approximately 45° so the cameras field of view can capture a visitor. (Figure E) c. In the Cheever building, there are thick solid core doors which (many) lock is advantageous to mitigating a Hostile Actor. The “Shelter in Place” in the classrooms and smaller rooms strategy is acceptable for both upstairs and down, while the “Out and Away” strategy is best for the large Sanctuary portion of the Cheever building when confronting a Hostile Actor. Recommend discussion of additional door methods of securing doors, such as tactical door wedges . (Figure F) d. The Chapel building is the oldest building on the KABC property and interior doors are hollow core. A Hostile Actor can defeat hollow core doors should they decide to. In addition, many do not lock. The “Costume Room” in the rearmost of the Chapel is the largest room next to

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