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Before beginning the paper I would like to briefly discuss the companies, I will be talking about in this paper. For my Bachelor’s Degree internship, I worked for 6 months at an architecture & interior design firm called SGA in Western Indian state of Rajasthan. Projects were spread through-out the state and some large projects were located outside the state as well. MARKETING SCENARIO OVERVIEW I have taken the liberty to discuss the marketing process of a company that I have worked at, since I haven’t worked long enough in one company to understand the marketing process thoroughly, I will be talking about a scenario I was involved in and the present project acquisition process for which I have interviewed people from my old company, who …show more content…

For example: • HUDCO (Housing & Urban Development Corporation India) lists the firms that frequently work with them to develop low income housing. • Environment Planning and Coordination Organization (EPCO) lists firms that work in city & regional planning. • Originations like GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) and LEEDS India, list buildings and firms in the green Building sector 3. ATTENDING CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS Conferences and seminars are essential to gain attention both inside and outside of the industry. If proper networking is done at these events, a lot of clients can be gained. Another advantage us that you save your time by getting your expert message in front of many potential clients at once. In addition to getting clients now, it is also a good long-term strategy because it increases the firm’s brand recognition and reputation. 4. GETTING PUBLISHED Getting published in magazines or papers, adds to the aura of expertise. The article must be in a publication that is read by your potential client group. To get published, most companies focus on building relationships with journalists and editors, pitching articles, and issuing press releases. Getting published is a fantastically effective way to market your architecture firm. Magazines like Architectural Digest are popular around the world, getting published in it is a mark of standard. In India, magazines like

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