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Maybelline Company was created in 1915 by 19-years-old Thomas Lyle Williams. He produced product called Lash-Brow-Ine and got idea from his older sister, who was applying Vaseline and dust to her lashes. Williams renamed product as Maybelline for honor of his sister Mabel. Two years later, Maybelline made Cake Mascara and in 60´s Ultra Lash for mass-markets.

In 1967 company was sold to Plough, Inc. and cosmetic production facility was moved to Memphis from Chicago. Eight years later factory was moved to Little Rock, where it is currently. In 1990 Maybelline was sold to New York investment firm Wasserstein Perella & Co. In 1996 Maybelline headquarters moved to New York City and makeup factory was moved to Brooklyn in 2000.

Maybelline adopted its advertising slogan “Maybe she is born with it. Maybe its Maybelline.” 26
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Interaction between marketing and research provides that L’Oréal can make product for different skin and hair types and fitting for that culture.

L’Oréal haves' great portfolio of unique international brands, covering all fields of cosmetics from hair care and coloring to make up and perfume. Brands are managed in groups, which have expertise in their own distribution channel. Organization is L’Oréal’s one major strength.

Consumer Products Division offers best cosmetics for greatest number of people around the world. These brands are available in mass-markets like hyper- and su-permarkets, drugstores and traditional stores. Example of these products are Garnier, Maybelline New York and NYX.

L’Oréal Luxe offers for both genders around the world international luxury brands. Promoting of these products revolve around specialties of these luxury products.

L’Oréal also aims to high-quality products and is selective with distribution channels. Company provides excellent service, respecting all kind of customers from around the
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