Essay On Nayc Standards On Child Development

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1.The NAYEC standard on Relationships building is connections through the interaction of the adult and children which will lead to positive outlooks. This program allows them to discover individualism and it also provides a sense of belonging that will stay with the child through adulthood. Relationships program is about providing relationships that are helpful to the child such as understanding and compassion which will give them a sense of being safe and secure. The positive environment and security that this program provides will help the child to thrive in life and gives them social skills that will help them to work with others. (“”) 2. One domain of development that is identified in the Relationship standard is language development. The program makes all adults and children feel like they are welcomed and will all be treated with respect This also builds peer relationships…show more content…
Social Cognitive Theory theorized by Albert Banduar shows that children learn what they observe by observing others, such as children, teachers, parents and other children that they interact with. Observation of learning occurs when a child is paying attention to other individual behaviors and applying them to their own learning. Through observation, children can learn the basics of a concept, but they may need to practice and refine their skills to master a concept. In social cognitive theory, learning can change a child’s environment and this can change their thought processes when dealing with new situations. Values and expectations of reinforcement affect whether the child will engage in behaviors that they observed. Social cognitive theorists believe that children are active and will seek out environments or create environments in which reinforces are available. A child can learn to develop their skills through imitation of someone who is more skilled than themselves. By doing this they are creating an environment with social reinforcement of praise of
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