Essay On Placement In A New School

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Here I will discuss how I felt trying to fit into a new school district and what actions were taken by the Administration. When Catholic School did not work out my parents once again found another school. I transferred to the Brecksville Broadview Heights School District. While outwardly things appeared better, they were not. A myriad of tests, followed by discussions with my parents led to yet another solution; placement in a small group setting for English, Math, and Reading. Perhaps, I was unable to learn in a regular classroom setting. Perhaps, a slower paced setting was needed. The new school appeared to be the perfect fit. The teachers appeared friendly. My parents were assured that the district would help me achieve my …show more content…

We were singled out, cut from the pack and not allowed to be a part of the elite society. We struggled through elementary and middle school. We forged our own path and maintained a small group of friends, those who were also unlucky enough to be in small group settings.
In this section I will discuss how the school district made a determination about how best I would be successful based on my history in school. As school progressed, I found myself in High School. Through the IEP process, which was designed to "leave no child behind", it was decided that what I needed was vocational training. I had been programmed to feel I was different, and incapable of learning, I felt I had no choice but to go along with the program. I needed to fit into society, I needed a path and one was chosen for me. My counselor thought Culinary Arts would be my forte. Perhaps being of Italian decent, he felt I would make a good chef. Once again, instead of addressing the real issue, it was determined I would be unable to succeed in college. Vocational school was easier. I was able to eliminate the problem of the language barrier, since vocational school focused on skills and not academics. I graduated, and found myself left in the real world with no goals, and no career.
Finally I will discuss how these decisions affected me and what I am doing to change my path. After High School, I made a decision that I did not want to become a chef. I wanted something different

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