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One of the biggest problems that affecting today our people of Puerto Rico is Autism. The department of health shows that PR has one of the highest rates in the world and will continue rise. One of each 62 babies in the island ell suffer this disorder the professor Demography program of
Public Health (UPR), “Hernandez Mattei”, confirmed this statement in recent studies According to “Joyce Davila”, president of the Alliance for Autism of PR. The survey revealed that in the country there are 11,743 children (4-17 years). The population of all ages was estimated at 28,
745 people.
The highest prevalence of Autism on PR has come out as high as the U.S.A. Comparing to the states of Minnesota, New Jersey and California that had become high rated …show more content…

The autistic population in the U.S.A. are well attented. In the case of PR, people leave there country because the services are bad explain “Davila”.
In recent years the data on autsm has been increasing. Is a phenomenon that is being observed in all countries, but still not knowing the reason why? There are more males autistic children in
PR. The 86.6 % population while in the females there are just only 13.4% said by “Dr. Mattei.
This uptrend is confirmed by the president of PR Society Pedriatics Davila and Dr. Mayra
The symptoms of Autism can “suspect” and refer to therapies much ealier than 4 years. Problem is that the parents of the island take there children to general family doctors rather than pediatrician to diagnose the condition on early age. To the end “Bonnet”call out the importance and role of the therapies in the early diagnosis of Autism to have better control and much better treatment. So the World Health Organization “prioritize”, implement and finance “projects “to treatment.
So autism since 2009, seing the need. The survey results will help the autistic Puerto Rican population to receive more state and federal funds for services and

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