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I have numerous experiences volunteering at the hospital, interning for an RN and a Vice President for Human Resources, which have all led to my interest of this particular program. Based on my experiences, I was able to view both sides of the medical field, both the administrative and the clinical side. I had an experience that stands out of the rest, it was during my clinical internship at Mount Sinai Hospital for Kristen McEvitt, an RN, who introduced me to the various professions that the medical field has to offer. She introduced me to Dr. Schmidt, who is a breast surgeon for the Dubin Breast Cancer Center. I was given the chance to observe various surgeries such as mastectomy, partial mastectomy, and lumpectomy and more. I was able to observe these procedures …show more content…

Rochester’s medical facilities will help me pursue my interests by continuing my internships and externships and learn new things I can not learn from a textbook. Also, University of Rochester has a Women Volleyball team, a sport that I have committed my time to since I was the age of 12. Volleyball has always been part of me and Rochester will allow me to have a sense of relief because volleyball is my outlet and I do not wish to stop for any reason. These two things out of the many that Rochester has to offer, will be things I will put my all into. Both of these activities winds me up with both excitement and thrill. The hospital facilities will fuel my personal ambitions with curiosity and knowledge of the medical field while volleyball will be my outlet during academic crisis but it will also be my courage to pursue things that may seem out of my reach but if I move in the right direction and face it in a position that it is impossible to miss, it won’t be out of my reach any

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