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There are many federal agencies in play in the United States government. Each agency is important in ensuring that the governemnt runs smoothly and effectively. One example of a federal agency that is crucial to the governemnt is the United States Secret Service. The secret service is a premier federal law enforcement agency that has multiple uses. The agency has evolved over the years, and now has over 7000 employees. It operates in a secretive way to ensure the protection of financial and critical infrastructure of the United States, while also protecting the nation’s leaders.

The Sret Service is commonly known for protecting the President. However, the Secret Service also plays a prominent role in investigating and preventing an
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The United States Secret Service protects the nation's leaders and safeguards the financial and critical infrastructure of the United States, The agency's first goal is to protect the nations leaders. It does this by planning in advance on how to protect. It gathers informationa and analyzes threats that could happen to prominent leaders. They operate and design national events to make sure that leaders are not hurt. The agency is authorized to protect the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States, the President’s and Vice President’s immediate families, former presidents, their spouses and their minor children under the age of 16, foreign heads of state, major presidential and vice presidential candidates and their spouses. The agency's second function is to protect the United States' payment and financial systems. Some crimes they protect are counterfeit U.S. currency, identity theft, bank fraud, cyber crimes, and email fraud. The Secrret Service also protects against terrorism and exploited children. The Secret Service has functions crucial to the security of the United
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