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Kindergarten through fifth grade was quite a journey for myself and my mom due to all the information and experiences I was accumulating. I began kindergarten at the age of five, and this being my first year of learning really tested my memory. Throughout the year so much information was being thrown towards me. From letters and numbers to colors and shapes, I realized I was expected to memorize these concepts and know them. “Children realize they need to remember some things, and they try to do so, usually via rehearsal (repeating an item again and again).” (Based on Meadows, 2006) during kindergarten I mainly remembering going home and repeating things I was expected to know into the mirror. During first grade I believe I developed …show more content…

Our teachers were focused on expanding our knowledge base or “a broad body of knowledge in a particular subject” (Woolley & Ghossainy, 2013) so the scores on our tests would be much higher. They tried motivating us to want to focus on our work by letting us know that if we were to not pass, we would repeat the third grade all over again. I definitely didn’t want to repeat the third grade, so I started concentrating on everything even more than I did before.
Where I grew up, elementary school was only kindergarten through fourth grade, and fifth graders were all alone on their own campus. So during my fourth grade year my main focus just revolved around being in a new environment the upcoming year. For some strange reason to me, moving schools seemed as if I was going away to college. I’ve always had a maid at my house always doing everything for me, from my laundry and cleaning my room to preparing and cutting my food. After finding out about a different campus I acquired an “increasing ability to regulate themselves, to take responsibility, and to exercise self-control” (Hudson & Ripke, 2006,p. 9). I talked to my mom about doing things on my own and she continued to insist I wouldn’t last long due to the way I was raised, but I kept nagging her on it and finally she let me try to out. After about a week I figured out my mom was absolutely correct. I was trying to force myself to do things that I had

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