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Implementing Interventions – Staff Education/Training
Based on the outcomes of the data gathered, the next intervention will be the conduction of unit-wide hand hygiene mandatory in-services. Staff education on the importance of hand washing, the correct procedures for hand washing, and hand rubbing are important for bringing about behavioral and cultural change and ensuring that competence is firmly embedded and sustained among all staff in relation to hand hygiene (WHO, 2009). The initial training will be coordinated by the unit supervisor, but the training will be presided over by a person with basic knowledge on infection control, preferably the unit infection control coordinator or the charge nurse. For a sustainable impact, WHO guide
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As part of the training, all patients and their families will be briefed on the importance of proper hand hygiene. This will be done on admission on the unit and as needed during their stay on the unit. The patients will be asked to speak up and remind any staff to follow proper hand hygiene before providing clinical care. Patient involvement will also be used at the evaluation stage through feedbacks on hand hygiene performance by the staff.
Implementing Intervention – Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers
Hand sanitizers are a very popular hand hygiene method, effective germicidal agents and are easy to use. WHO (2009) recommends installing hand sanitizers dispensers at each point of care and make them easily accessible by the healthcare staff, patient or patient family. For this program the hand hygiene champion team will make a unit survey to make sure that all the hand sanitizer dispenser available are fully functional, are regularly refilled, are easily accessible by the staff at the point of care. Based on the finding changes will be initiated accordingly; if the dispensers are not enough requisitions will be made through the unit charge nurse to install them where they are needed, if there is any need to relocate the already existing dispensers, the maintenance or engineering department will be called in to make such changes. On a shift basis, a hand
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