Essay On Summer Vacation

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Summer of 2017 was probably my best summer so far. I went to my dream place and somewhere else I have heard so much about! Before this vacation, I was so excited and I thought this place was going to be all movie stars and celebrities, but I was wrong. Over the summer I went to Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas Nevada. Now, I am not telling you about two different trips, this was all in one trip. On August fifth, 2017 we drove two hours to Indianapolis and got on a plane to go to California. The flight was about four hours, three hours and fifty- eight minutes to be exact. We had first class. My dad and sister sat next to each other and my mom and I sat next to each other. Once we landed at the airport in Los Angeles, we had to get our suitcases and our rental car. Getting our suitcases took about forty-five minutes and getting the car rental took about an hour and a half. Once we got to our hotel, it was ten o'clock p.m. their time, Twelve o 'clock a.m. our time. We were all hungry because even though we had food on the plane, most of us didn't eat it. So we ordered pizza and went to bed. The next day, we went to the Walk of Fame and saw all the movie stars names on the stars. We also went on some tours, such as TM Z. TM Z was probably my favorite thing we did there, it was so much fun! We also went to the Chinese Theater museum and went to go see the Hollywood sign, from afar. We also went to this very nice restaurant, my dad enjoyed a lot. The next few days, we

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