Essay On The Effects Of Residential Schools

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THE AFFECTS OF RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS: A LIST By: Sanchia Nawar - Residential schools were religious schools ran by the government and churches which were made to assimilate Aboriginal children into European culture. - Residential schools messed up people’s lives and their communities, causing long-term problems among Aboriginal people. - In total, an estimated 150,000 children attended residential schools. - From the 1890s until the 1950s, the government tried to constantly make residential schools the churches problems. - The food was prepared badly and there were little amounts of it. - Clothing was all basically the same ill-fitting, shabby and, in the case of winter clothing, not enough protection for the season. - The school program, both academic and vocational, was deficient. - Children died in …show more content…

- Some students left with happy memories, but the general experience of residential school students was more negative. - These ideas were based on the assumption that Aboriginal cultures and spiritual beliefs were inferior to European culture. - “to kill the Indian in the child.” - European settlers in Canada brought with them the assumption that their own civilization was the pinnacle of human achievement. - They interpreted the socio-cultural differences between themselves and the Aboriginal peoples as proof that Canada’s first inhabitants were ignorant, savage, and—like children—in need of guidance. - In 1907, government medical inspector P.H. Bryce reported that 24 percent of previously healthy Aboriginal children across Canada were dying in residential schools. - Bryce reported that anywhere from 47 percent (on the Peigan Reserve in Alberta) to 75 percent (from File Hills Boarding School in Saskatchewan) of students discharged from residential schools died shortly after returning

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