Essay On Training In The Future

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Training in the past was confined to a structured and traditional classroom setting in which an instructor would moderate and facilitate the training session. However, long gone are those days when training was centralized to simply a classroom or conference room. Nowadays, training can be accessed virtually anywhere and everywhere. More so, this is particularly accurate for the workplace and on the job training. Training in the future is progressing quickly with the introduction of e-learning and web based learning.

In the future, there will be less of a need to have to send your workforce to various cities and countries to attend training courses because by then training courses will mainly be accessible through web-based learning
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Training in the future will become more focused around ensuring organizations are able to adapt to the styles and methods that employees will need. In essence, the new generation of workers are more geared around utilizing technology and the Internet to accomplish pretty much all kinds of tasks. Nonetheless, that must be taken into account when looking at the impact of training and ensuring employees are being properly and adequately trained. Therefore, training must take on an entire different look and appeal to captivate the new age and keep up with the changing and innovative times. Furthermore, research contends that in the future training will have to be approached very differently. Thus, a new way in which training can be administered is through micro learning, also called chunked learning, in which learning is broken down into chunks of lessons that can be delivered quickly. These training lessons will ultimately target specific learning results and cater to employee needs (S.L., 2016). More, so this will be an effective way in which to deliver training because this option of micro learning will deliver training lesson in two to three minute segments utilizing videos, text, images or audio to convey a message (S.L., 2016).

Likewise, according to the research contained in the article, micro learning will be able to be utilized by organizations that
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