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Every year for a week, Christian churches nationwide, hold the popular summer program, vacation Bible school.
Behold as a religious based educational program, church staff use this time to familiarize children with Bible lessons and teach them about the love of God.
Reaching out to kids all over the community, especially to those who don’t normally attend church, VBS allow children to connect with one another over the summer break, as they spend time playing games, eating snacks, creating crafts, performing skits, learning the “Lord’s Prayer,” singing songs, team building and more.
Hosting vacation Bible school on last week, First Assembly of God, The Church of the Nazarene and The Zion Lutheran Church, shared in these same activities, as …show more content…

John, Jesus is the way, the truth and the light and also the living water; vacation Bible school students took joy in learning about the Son of God and allowing the water, which only Jesus Christ can give, fill them with happiness.
“I believe vacation Bible school is needed because, my concern is with the public school system,” Pastor Leonard said.
“The kids need to understand discipline, and with an underlying problem with drugs and the way kids behave today, at vacation Bible school we teach them truth, morality and self discipline.
Naturally, one of the other things we do here, is teach them about eternity, because the Bible teaches without Jesus, there’s no eternity.”
With so much to teach and do with a large group of students from the community coming out to see attend the several churches for VBS, photographer and group volunteer Penny Short said, she thought the program was very successful.
“It was a joy watching all the kids singing and playing,” Short said. “They really got a kick out of the pie in the face portion of VBS.”
Hoping to include your child(ren) on next year or possibly have them attend one sponsored by another church before the summer is over, Short shared that,“Vacation Bible school is a great way to give kids something to do in the summertime. It’s fun,it’s playful and it’s a great learning

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