Comparing Blackboard Jungle 'And Dangerous Minds'

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I agree with your post. When I think about schools that are in districts that are poverty stricken, I think of all the movies that I have seen about these areas. “Blackboard Jungle”, “Dangerous Minds”, Lean on Me”, “The Principal”, and so many more. The kids just want to be loved. They act out, because that’s what they think they are supposed to do. They really just want attention.
God tells us to love each other, regardless of race, gender, orientation, or social standard. We all wish that this was the case, but it’s not. Maybe one day, it will be.
I am very much in agreement with you, the kids so need structure. When you show attention to a child, especially one who is otherwise neglected, they thrive. Give them a schedule, and they will gladly follow it. Kids, like adults need love. It is one of our primal needs, love and acceptance.
I like this second chance approach, just like
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I also like the way you worded it. Leaders and managers. Nobody likes to be bossed around, nobody. We must first lead by example, and being a “boss” is not the way to teach anybody how to behave. Having a little of both leader, and manager, could prove to be a good fix. A good mix of both, is probably something that works. At the same time, having too much of one, and not enough of the other, could be a bad mix.
When these children come to school, they will follow a good leader. They will thrive in a loving environment. For some of these children, we are the only God that they will ever see. By this I mean, we must show the love of God in everything we do, he must be ever present in our daily lives. Some of the children may have never experienced a Christian environment, and they need it more than ever, and it’s our job to provide it for them.
I like your end note, on your post. If we are a good leader, and put on a good face, the followers will continue to follow, not because they have to, but because they want to. Great job, God
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