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Vijaya Bank: Introduction
Vijaya Bank is one of the public-sector banks in India that offers a wide range of banking and financial services to its customers. Headquartered in Bengaluru, it has over 2300 branches and 2000 ATMs in India. The bank gets its name since it was founded on the auspicious day of “Vijaya Dashmi” in 1931. Nationalised in 1969, the bank has seen a steady growth over the years.

Vijaya Bank is one of the leading banks in India providing services and products based on latest technology. The bank offers a wide range of online services to its customers. The account holders can enjoy these services from the comfort of their homes by using their net banking, mobile banking, or debit cards easily.

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It provides an easy explanation of banking terminologies
Since more people are using mobile banking services, Vijaya Bank provides V-Mobile services so that they can avail banking services such as funds transfer, balance check, etc., at the click of a button on their smartphones. Once the account holders have registered for mobile banking, they can use their mobile banking credentials to login and use the app
V-Net Banking
Vijaya Bank customers can avail inter bank and intra bank transfers using the V-Net Banking services. The customers only need to register for net banking facility with their bank accounts to avail these facilities
VPayQwik is a unique next generation bill payment service offered by Vijaya Bank where bill payment is made by scanning the QR code on the bill generated by the merchant with no need to swipe a credit or debit card

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