Essay On Workplace Violence

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Evaluation Criteria and Means of Measure Successful national policy implementation on healthcare associated workplace violence is achieved through broad culture change. As CMS has targeted focus on the Culture of Safety, the timing is ideal to continue to take steps to further this change. As the goals of a healthcare related workplace violence policy include: a reduction in workplace violence; a system to track and trend high-risk and/or repeat offenders; and an expansion of resources available to victims, the evaluation criteria would draw from the success of the goals. The difficulty in this culture shift is the lack of direct measurability. The component of decreased healthcare workplace violence may be the easiest criteria to …show more content…

Although flawed, this means of statistical recording is clear point of measure when the time comes to evaluate the efficacy of the policy. Tracking and flagging of repeat offenders is likely an element that will be the task of individual facilities, which could then be rolled over into a national number. This standard would be achieved and measured in much the same way the existing OSHA reportable employee injuries are trended. Currently, OSHA has a national submission window in which facilities submit how many employees were employed for the year, how many hours were worked total, and how many injury events occurred. Ideally, the healthcare anti-violence policy would trend the number of reportable violent events year-over-year in the same fashion, and the efficacy of the policy requirements would be easy to evaluate, based on those reported numbers. As to the evaluation of the increased employee resources as a policy goal would require a baseline assessment from facilities (likely in the form of a survey), followed by a repeat assessment in a given amount of time. Facilities would be required to improve resource availability and the evaluation would be dependent upon improvement in the employee survey results. If used primarily as an evaluative tool to further employee access to resources, there also exists a secondary benefit for facilities to release the survey results. Overall job satisfaction would likely improve as resources are made available

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