Essential Communication And Learning Skills

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Reading and writing are essential communication and learning skills that need to be perfected because they affect every academic subject offered in school. As a student I have been given a variety of scholarly materials to read and use toward written assignments throughout my academic career. Critical reading and effective writing are abilities that have not come naturally to me, so I have had trouble formulating good essays in the past. After taking several writing courses, I have learned that there are several sequential steps that I can follow to successfully learn how to analyze readings so I can complete written assignments at an academic level. Mastering these proper reading and writing technique skills have helped me write better essays in a shorter amount of time.
The first part to writing an effective essay is to adequately read and evaluate the essay question that has been assigned. Whether I was able to choose my own topic or it was assigned to me, I had to be mindful of the key words within the question given. These key words will help me start thinking carefully about how to go about structurally planning my essay.
Examples of key words could be: determinate, formulate, or investigate. As described in the text, these words can offer a way to tackle the topic at hand so I can determine the purpose that I want to portray, my target audience, what tone I will want to project, and it will give me a good idea of the point of view I will adopt in my written essay
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